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When: Wednesday, September 11, 2024

Where: Iowa State University Horticulture Research Station (map)

The annual Iowa Turfgrass Field and Demo Day hosted by Iowa State University will once again be held in the fall, on Wednesday, September 13th.  The Iowa Turfgrass Field and Demo Day brings people together from all across the turfgrass industry for a day of food, fun, networking, and a little education.  All attendees receive complimentary: coffee, lemonade, water, donuts, BBQ lunch, and equipment and product demos.


Educational topics and speakers include:
    - Weed Control Options by Quincy Law
    - Explaining Autonomous & Remote Mowers by Bill Tharrington
    - Cultivar Evaluations by Dr. Nick Christians 
    - ISU Testing Updates by Zac Messer/Molly Briggs/Dr. Adam Thoms

    - GPS Spray Control Demo by Ken Rost, Frost Inc.

    -  Autonomous Mower Testing at ISU

​    -  Turfgrass & Ornamental Pest Walk by Dr. Nick Christians/Dr. Adam Thoms/Zac              Messer/Molly Briggs 


Pesticide applicator training sessions begin at 9 am and include restricted entry level, recognition of sensitive sites, right of way and pesticide labels.  Continuing instructional credits are being offered to certified pesticide applicators for recertification of commercial or private licenses in categories 3O (Ornamental Pest), 3T (Turf Pest), 3OT (Ornamental and Turf Pest).

Cost: $40 per person 

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